Whiteboard and Animated Explainer Video Guide

The importance of animated explainer videos

The use of explainer videos has taken over online marketing. Businesses and all kinds of individuals are using them for numerous reasons. For one, explainer videos can be created quickly and do not cost too much to make. The visual audio ads are also very entertaining, engaging and easy to follow. Even companies with complex products or services are able to use them to make their brand easy to understand. Explainer videos typically keep visitors on your site for more than two minutes. That works very well for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Plus, they are also very effective when it comes to sales and call to action.

Using explainer videos works because they allow any business to educate potential clients about their brand or products. Especially when consumers are looking for answers and a solution to a particular problem. In addition to all of this, there’s the retention factor. Information delivered by visual audio commercials tends to be retained by those who watch it at higher levels than written text. Moreover, people love sharing explainer videos with others via social media platforms and other means.

Although there are several different kinds of explainer videos, most people rely on animated types. These provide more leeway and present fewer restrictions to companies. The highly popular whiteboard explainer videos are also easy to create and cheap, when compared to other forms of marketing. By using animation and all kinds of entertaining characters, people can demonstrate all about their brand with ease. The animated explainer video can cover the problem, the solution and call to action. Most top rated animated explainer videos contain a mixture of elements. They have not only animated characters but also screen recordings, text, numbers, illustrated images and other material.

Animated Explainer Videos Types

Overall, there are about five widely used types of animated explainer videos you can use. A brand or company can use animated explainer videos which don’t contain any characters. Instead, animated visuals such as text, numbers or others are used. These work very well when you are attempting to illustrate the flow of a procedure. Some companies or websites will use web iPhone app or website videos. Users will utilize these when they want to offer step by step guides to clients. The guides are used for showing systematic web applications or walkthroughs of your website.

The animated videos with characters are by far the most popular and widely seen. Depending on your brand, company and product or service, these characters vary. The fun and engaging whiteboard characters are created from the perspective of the potential client. The goal is to show the problem and offer them the solution using animated characters. These work very well since people find them highly relatable.

The last type of animated explainer audio visuals are the video graphics kind. Companies and others use these to give people information. That information is provided utilizing statistics, numbers and textual content. In some cases, the video graphics explainer videos contain sound effects and animation. For businesses which have complicated services or products, they use these effectively to make their message easier to understand.

Animated Explainer Videos Work

Irrespective of which type of animated explainer video you use, there is no denying their power and benefits. They are one of the most advantageous forms of marketing techniques used today. Any company or individual who utilizes a well-made animated explainer video, will maximize their sales right away. This is achieved by augmenting their brand’s recognition and popularity online and on the market. When people search for a particular answer, explainer videos are capable of obtaining that person’s attention quickly. The answer and solution to their problem is supported via a visual audio commercial.

Some of the best animated explainer videos today prove that by the high number of views and shares they garnish. In turn, that helps the company or their site rank better when it comes to search results in search engines. The outcome is allowing your company to connect instantly with whatever audience you are targeting.

Using whiteboard explainer videos can have all sort of impacts on your business or brand. In some cases, the results may not be that high or lead to significant differences. However, for many companies, utilizing a great animated explainer video changed the course of their business significantly. Some brands have gone from being relatively unknown to being widely recognized all over the world in a short period of time. Others have seen their sales and conversion rates go through the roof. While results may vary, they typically all work to deliver increases and benefits.

Creating an explainer video can be done using several methods. There are several well respected video production companies you can use. SquareShip is renowned for their 5 star video production services. Besides them, there are other companies out there or even freelancers you can hire. The method you use will depend on the size of your company, budget and what you are trying to achieve. For brands that want to be recognized and have a higher impact, using a professional explainer video production company is recommended.

For those on limited budgets or just starting out, there are many free animated explainer video creation programs available. You also have some programs and sites which offer free trials to their explainer video platforms. No matter which method you decide on, what’s important is that you begin using an explainer video today. Without it, you could be missing out on countless of benefits already.

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