How to Create Promotional Video for Facebook

According to data obtained from comScore, over sixty percent of consumers are more likely to purchase products after watching videos about them. These videos are called promotional videos are relevant in generating more leads and sales for your business. As perfect as a promotional video could be, the media in which users view it is also very important. Facebook remains the leading social media tool with more users than Twitter and Instagram combined. The bulk of content on an average Facebook news feed are pictures and text but videos are more striking. Facebook users are known to engage more with video than another type of content and this is why Facebook’s algorithms give more prominence to video in the news feed.

Depending on your view, FaceBook is the ideal destination for your promotional videos on the web. The trick is to make your promotional video relevant to the users who are on the internet for a limited time and are used to the traditional forms of advertising. This article focuses on how to create promotional videos for Facebook.

  • Set Up the Equipment: Creating a great promotional video doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment. The most important thing is to be authentic and relatable in your video. You can use a smartphone with great HD video recording options to record the video and a webcam is also a great alternative. Audio and lighting are essential for a successful video so you should consider getting a good microphone. However, you can use lamps from your living room to light the area or record in a room where there is steady sunlight. You can use a white wall or backdrop or a nicely decorated room in your house, as long as it doesn’t distract too much.

  • Practice the Script: The next step is to practice your script. If you haven’t created one yet, create the perfect script to grab attention, build interest, cultivate desire, create persuasion and end with a strong call to action. Prepare your script in advance and practice, this makes the video creation process less frightening especially if you’re not used to being on camera.

  • Record the Video: When you are done modifying your script, hit the Record button. It is advisable to record each sentence separately. This is because you can easily edit everything in your software later and it is much easier to get one line right at a time. Remember to talk to the camera as though you know the person on the other side. This is a great antidote to the unease you feel when you record your first video. It is normal to flinch at your first videos, the more you do them, the more natural the process will become.

  • Edit the Video: One way to create a branded look is to add a graphics overlay in the lower part of the screen in the introduction. This portion could contain your logo and some text in the part where you introduce yourself. Consider changing the screen periodically to keep viewers’ attention and increase engagement. Finally, use music to create the right energy, and make sure that you are granted the right to use it for commercial purposes. Also, keep the volume fairly low so that the music does not distract from the video.

  • Create a Thumbnail: Your video thumbnail is a great way to get the viewers’ attention. Facebook will automatically recommend stills from your video to use, but you can also upload a thumbnail yourself. Remember how the purpose of the first line was to grab attention? Use that same line for your thumbnail as well.


  • The golden rule is to make your content entertaining. Many viral campaigns have proven that most people actually don’t mind viewing promotional videos and likely to view them again or show other people if they find it interesting.
  • Stick to the message.
  • Facebook videos on mobile will loop silently, so make your promotional video as visually attractive as possible so people will want to click on it.  It is even cooler to make the promotional video communicate your message without sound at all.
  • Make sure your video is uploaded directly from Facebook because such video is given precedence in the News Feed over videos linked to third-party sites. You can increase the visibility of your promotional video by making it a facebook ad.

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