The best virtual reality music videos to watch right now

The best virtual reality music videos to watch right now

In case you haven’t noticed, virtual reality is everywhere you look. Millions of people are buying VR headgear to watch videos, play games and do other things. What used to be looked at as something only video games enthusiasts did, is catching fire. VR videos and viewership has spiked drastically the past year. Many believe that pornography has played a key role in the increase of VR viewing. Adult sites offering VR porn videos have seen the number of visitors and genre climb by more than 400%.

This popularity has trickled down to the music video sector. One only needs to look at video hosting sites to see it. Each day, more VR videos are being uploaded and added for others to enjoy. This includes big name companies such as Vevo which are getting in on the act. Unlike regular music videos, those in VR form are much more enthralling. Virtual reality is immersive which is one of the things that make it so popular and enjoyable.

As the genre continues to gain more popularity, companies are creating new awesome VR music videos. Although some of them may not contain songs you may be crazy about, they are in themselves extremely enjoyable. Below are some of the best virtual reality music videos worth checking out.

Muse – Revolt

Many recognize this band for putting on concerts which are considered breathtaking. It’s no wonder they are using VR technology to bring fans spectacular VR music videos.

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz

Those who follow this band already know them to have music videos that are captivating and mind-blowing. Using virtual reality, they have made a music video that takes that to another level.

Noa Neal – Graffiti

One of the things which make this virtual reality music video so immersive is that there is something to look at every turn. Regardless of where you turn, you will have objects or things to focus on or capturing your attention.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic

People who enjoy classical music or live orchestras performing will adore this music video. The synchronization taking place between the band can be seen in amazing 360 degrees.

SCHOOL OF ROCK – The Musical “You’re in the Band”

Being able to see things from every perspective is part of what makes virtual reality so great. This music video does that and more as 360-degree view is utilized to bring it all to the viewer in an engrossing manner.

Sam Tsui & Megan Nicole – La La Land Medley

Musicals are amazing because they use people to bring songs to life. In the same way, virtual reality is utilized in this music video to liven up the dancing, singing and all else. The result is seeing a Hollywood musical from a perspective unlike anything ever seen before.

The Weeknd – The Hills

This popular band brings The Hills song to another level using VR technology. Images of silhouettes dancing, fire, flaming birds and other scenarios make it a must watch virtual reality music video.